Masks of Nyarlothotep

Session Four

Fancy Fancimancers

(We had a guest in the party this time, an apothecary. I believe he wants to continue, but I’m not sure. I incorporated him into the action as best I could.)

Cesar Sanholo and Peter O’toole were still in the safehouse with the dead body of Pablo. Cesar was having a moral dilemma; he had known Pablo almost his entire life, but if the police were called in Cesar would almost certainly be implicated in the murders. O’Toole was not much help after his brief breakdown. Cesar finally decided that it would be best to just leave the body of his friend; abandoned in a foreign land, most likely not buried in consecrated ground.

Cesar went back to the bar to tell everyone the bad news, but O’Toole, still trembling from his conniption, decided to go home. He returned to his 3rd floor apartment and noticed that the light was on. He couldn’t remember leaving a light on, so he made a lot of noise unlocking the door, drew his gun, and waited a moment. He didn’t hear anything coming from the apartment. He opened the door. His apartment/office had been trashed. Someone had gone thoroughly through his possessions. He took a few steps into his apartment and noticed the curtains moving in front of the window that led to the fire escape. That was when the cultist behind the door walloped him on the head. Two other cultists appeared out of the dark corners of his apartment. There was a brief struggle and O’Toole was able to get off two shots, both which missed wildly, but the heavy blows of the cultists brought him down.

The next morning, Dr. Warren Bedford received a call from Lt. Martin Poole. He told Dr. Bedford of O’Toole’s disappearance under mysterious circumstances. Dr. Bedford said he was also concerned and would ask around. He immediately called Velma Christie.

The investigators decided to go to O’Toole’s apartment to see if they could find anything. There were two officers on the scene: Inspector Chelmey and Inspector Barton. Chelmey did much of the talking. He was a gruff fellow who wouldn’t let the investigators in on the details of anything he had found. The investigators showed the Inspectors the cult marking, said that they were investigating the Carlyle Expedition, and that O’Toole had visited the JuJu House the day before.

The apothecary had the brilliant idea to investigate the JuJu House’s reputation in its neighborhood of Harlem rather than walking straight into the place and asking probing questions. After some street walking, door knocking, and a couple of bribes, they were finally able to find someone willing to talk. This local resident seemed very scared of whatever was going on at the JuJu House. He said that once or twice a month, a large group of people would go in late at night and strange noises would be heard; beating of tribal drums, chanting, and sometimes screaming. When he learned that the investigators were planning on staking out the place, he suggested the abandoned pawn shop that fronted the same square that the JuJu House did. The doors were boarded up, but it looked like with a little effort they would be able to gain access.

The group went back to gather some weapons and other items and returned at nightfall. They took the boards off the doors to the pawn shop and snuck inside. The back door was chained from the inside and padlocked from the outside, but it could be opened slightly to see the JuJu House. There was also a small window through which they watched. At around 10 o’clock, two large packing crates were delivered. They were quickly brought inside, but the investigator’s noticed that none of the delivery guys ever left the building. The investigators kept watching. At 1 o’clock, small groups of people began to enter the JuJu House. By 1:30, around 34 people had entered. Velma realized that the small JuJu House couldn’t possibly hold that many people. Around this time, the investigators began to hear the faint, distant beating of tribal drums.



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