Masks of Nyarlothotep

Session One

A Murder in New York

January 3rd. 1925.

Velma Christy, author, was getting ready to go to her favorite speakeasy, Chumley’s. Before she leaves, there is a knock at the door. A courier hands her a small envelope.


Velma Christy was a close friend to Jackson Elias, a fellow author who typically investigates and writes about the bloodiest death cults he can find. If he has some new information on the Carlyle Expedition, then it must be something shocking and juicy!

Christy met two of her close friends at Chumley’s: Dr Warren Bedford, a professor of European History, and Cesar Sanholo, a moonshine smuggler. She informed them of Elias’ return and his request. Bedford seemed interested, though Sanholo was not so interested. He realized that he would be coming back from a run in Kentucky around that time, so he agreed to if he was in town.

Over the next few days, Christy did some research, since the details on the Carlyle expedition were fuzzy in her mind, being six years old. She was able to find the following in the morgue of the New York Riposte.









On the 13th, Sanholo returned to New York, and the three met in Chumley’s again. Intrigued by the notion of King Solomon’s mines, Bedford decided to do some research on the subject. Sanholo said that he would bring one of his smuggling buddies, another Mexican fellow by the name of Pablo.

On the morning of the 15th, Christy received a telephone call from Elias’. He seemed very rushed and secretive, but he told her to bring anyone she had gathered to the Chelsea Hotel, Room 410, at 8 PM.

Christy, Bedford, Sanholo and Pablo arrived at 7:45 PM. Because the lifts were out of order, it took them a few minutes to climb the stairs, and no one answered to their knocks. After waiting until 8:10, Christy decided to ask the desk clerk if Elias was still out. As she questioned the man, she heard a car squeal away from in front of the hotel. Sanholo, who happened to look outside, saw that it was a black Cruiser, circa 1915, but he didn’t catch the licence plate.

The hotel manager aid that Elias had returned around 7:30 and hadn’t left the hotel. No one answered when he called the room. Worried, he took his ring of keys up to room 410. After loudly knocking, the manager opened the door.

Murder scene

Jackson’s intestines had been ripped from his body, a strange symbol had been carved into his forehead, and the window was open, leading out to a fire escape.

In the moments before the police arrived, they were able to find these clues:





When the police arrived, they eyed Sanholo and Juan suspiciously, but Bedford and Christy were able to get them off of the hook. For the moment.



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