Masks of Nyarlothotep

Session Three

Stoop Yur Medlin

The next day Velma Christy, Dr. Warren Bedford, and Cesar Sanholo went to meet with Erica Carlyle at her estate. Peter O’Toole stayed behind in New York to investigate the JuJu House.

The drive to the Carlyle Estate took about half an hour. The countryside estate was surrounded by a tall wall. The two guards at the gate let the investigators into the estate. At the door, they were led into a sitting room, where Erica Carlyle shortly joined them.

Velma began her interview by reassuring Erica that she was only doing research for a novel, and that she would not point anything back at the Carlyle family. She asked of her time in Africa searching for her brother, but Erica couldn’t tell them anything that they hadn’t already heard from facts or rumors. Her brother’s hunting party was found massacred in a very bizarre fashion, but none of the whites in the party were ever found. It was believed that they had been taken to a secret location for even worse torments.

Erica also told them of Roger’s movements before the expedition. He had been having strange dreams which Erica believed spurred the mission. He began to see Dr. Robert Ellington Huston, a popular Freudian psychologist and later part of the expedition. Erica didn’t know what Roger’s dreams were about, but perhaps there was something in Dr. Huston’s notes.

Roger began consorting with an African lady Erica only knew as the Negro Woman. Roger would disappear with her for days at a time and, when he finally turned up, would only say he had been to Harlem. It was around this time that the strange dreams began.

Before they left, Erica mentioned that there were several books in the library Roger consulted very often before he left on the expedition. When asked what they were, she told them to follow her to the library. It was a very large library with many rows of shelves and comfortable places to read. Erica found a volume of Poe, inside which Cesar and Warren noticed she had written a safe combination. The bookcase slid aside due to some mechanism, revealing a small safe. Inside were four books: Pnakotic Manuscripts, Selections of Livre de Ivon, People of the Monolith, and Life as a God. Erica refused to let the investigators borrow such old books, but said she may let them borrow the newer ones after their appraisal.

Meanwhile, back in New York, O’Toole drove his motorbike to the JuJu House.

Ju ju house

It was a small shop, curtained so that the inside couldn’t be seen from the outside. The shelves were lined with various African bric-a-brac. The shopkeeper eyed O’Toole suspiciously. When he asked for Silas N’Kwane, the shopkeeper said that he was that man. When O’Toole drew the cult symbol and asked if the man knew anything about it, Silas told him he best be leaving now. O’Toole left his business card in case there was anymore information Silas wished to talk about later and promptly left.

Everyone met at Jackson Elias’ funeral. It was a short ceremony, and other than Jonah Kensington and a few reporters, no one else attended.

Mourning her friend in an appropriate manner, Velma Chrisy led the group back to Chumley’s. A few hours later, one of Cesar’s contacts showed up and new told him that shots had been heard at his safe house. Taking O’Toole, who was only slightly more sober than the others, Cesar raced back to his safe house in a quiet, mostly abandoned part of New York. They approached cautiously, but whoever had attacked the place was long gone. Inside, they found Pablo, his intestines ripped out and the cult mark carved into his forehead. This upset O’Toole quite badly, who began to scream and fire wildly at the body. He calmed down after a moment, though. They searched the house for Juan, but only found written in blood on a wall, “Stoop yer medlin or yur nex.”



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