Masks of Nyarlothotep

Session Two

(Cesar’s player was feeling ill and unable to play for this session, so we did a little bit of retconning on what happened at the end of last session. Also, Peter O’Toole’s player missed the previous session, but the police investigation seemed like a good time to introduce him. The session was cut short because we needed to reroll characters; the database we were using to keep them on disappeared, and we didn’t have any backups.)

Despite Velma Christy and Dr. Warren Bedford’s best efforts, the police carted Cesar Sanholo and his Mexican buddy Pablo back to the precinct for further questioning. The homicide detective, Lt. Martin Poole, showed up and questioned Velma and Dr. Bedford.

Private Investigator Peter O’Toole was pulling a late night in his office, wrapping up a few loose ends and paperwork on his last case. An old police buddy called to let him know that some of his friends had somehow become wrapped up in a murder investigation. It only took 10 minutes for him on his Triumph Ricardo motorbike to reach the Chelsea Hotel.

Lt. Poole became more amicable when O’Toole arrived. He let them in on a few of the details of the case.

  1. Elias was the ninth victim murdered in this fashion in the past two years.
  2. None of the victims were related in an obvious way. They were of varying genders, ethnicities, and social backgrounds.
  3. The police believed that the crimes were being perpetrated by an African death cult based in Harlem, but they couldn’t get any information about it out of the residents.
  4. The police believe the victims learned too much about this cult and were killed to protect its secrets.

Lt. Poole released Christy and Dr. Bedford, but told them he would be in contact.

The next day, Dr. Bedford decided to investigate the strange symbol carved into Elias’ forehead. Going to the New York Public Library, he began to look into African death cults. After a few hours of searching, he finally came across a short entry in an obscure book on the most mysterious of African Cults. It was the mark of the Cult of the Bloody Tongue, a cult based out of Kenya. The cult is thought to have been descended from a sect that was driven out of dynastic Egypt.

Velma Christy, meanwhile, went to go see Jonah Kensington, editor-in-chief of Prospero Press, where Jackson Elias published his books. Velma has met Jonah from time to time and wanted to see if he had heard the bad news.

Jonah had already heard the news. When Velma asked if he knew what Jackson had been working on, he produced a few notes that Jackson had wired or had dropped off the day before.



Kensington also was able to fill Velma in on some of Jackson movements abroad. Jackson wired the Nairobi notes from Hong Kong and asked for an advance. He didn’t hear anything else until the end of last month. He said he’d been to China, Africa, and to London. He said he had dug up a lot of weird stuff. He mentioned something about a plan or conspiracy of world-wide proportions. There was a timetable, but he didn’t or couldn’t explain more.

Kensington told Velma about Elias’ funeral the next day. When Velma offered to write a novel about any conspiracy uncovered, Jonah said he would definitely publish it.

Peter O’Toole had gone to Emerson Imports to see what he could find. He met with Arthur Emerson. O’Toole found out that Elias had been checking importers to find connections with Mombasa. There was one, a Mombasan exporter named Ahja Singh, whose only known U.S. account was with the JuJu House in Harlem. Emerson was also able to confirm that Silas N’Kwane managed the JuJu House.



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