Cesar Sanholo

Mexican Moonshine Smuggler

Str 12
Con 8
Pow 17
Dex 13
App 9
Size 11
Int 14
Edu 20
Idea 70
Luck 85
San 85
Know 99
HP: 10
MP: 17
SP: 82/85
Bargain 75%
Conceal 75%
Disguise 64%
Fast Talk 75%
Handgun 80%
Locksmith 1%
Other Language (English) 60%
Persuade 71%
Sneak 75%
Spanish 99%
Spot Hidden 70%
Credit Rating CHECK
45 Revolver 80% 1d10+2 15 yards 1 6 10

Cesar grew up in the dingy slums of Mexico’s worst cities, bouncing around trying to find work. He and his friend Pablo eventually worked their way into organized crime and began smuggling homebrewed liqueurs into the prosperous United States of America. Unlike many of his business partners, he enjoys traveling the country, meeting all sorts of “whites,” which he finds fascinating in their silliness.

While traveling through New York, he stopped at the Chumley’s bar, one of his favorite stops, and became embroiled in the “Bloody Tongue” predicament. His friend Pablo was murdered, and he swore revenge on those responsible.

r15, l14, r13, l12

Cesar Sanholo

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