Deceased businessman of the Milenio Halcón smuggling operation


HP: 0


Pablo grew up poor with Cesar in the dingy slums of Mexico. They both swore to break out of their condition and make something of themselves. Unfortunately, the life of organized crime is too easy to take, and with Prohibition passing in the prosperous United States of America, it didn’t take long for the compadres to begin smuggling in homebrewed tequila and other liquers across the border.

Pablo never took the same interest in the “whites” that Cesar did, and was more than happy to keep to himself during their excursions up north. This would prove to be his downfall, as he was discovered brutally murdered in the house he and his friends had rented. As he was alone at the time, not much is known about his murder. The only clue was written in his own blood on the nearest wall:
“Stoop yer medlin or yur nex”


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