Peter O'toole

A 40 year old private eye who has stumbled on a case that is much bigger than it seems...


Name: Pete O’Toole
Occupation: Private investigator
College: 2 years political science
Birthplace: Buffalo, NY
Mental Disorders: Has seen some serious shit, man
Str: 12 Dex: 15 Int: 18 Idea: 90
Con: 11 App: 9 Pow: 13 Luck: 55
Siz: 13 San: 74 Edu: 15 Know: 70
Cthulhu Mythos: 6 Damage Bonus: +1d4
Magic: 0 HP: 10/12

Bargain 99
Hide 90
Law 85
Photography 86
Psychology 75
Spot Hidden 75
Handgun 70

A slight-framed man of about five feet seven inches and a hundred thirty pounds, O’toole has been involved in law enforcement for nearly two decades. He has lime green eyes, silver hair, a thick mustache and bears a placid expression most of the time. Contrary to his personal claims, he has a very shallow stomach- both for violence and for liquor. He always carries around a blackthorn shillelagh and affects a limp, but anybody who has seen him without it (or on the occasion that he gets drunk, forgets and uses it on the wrong side) knows it’s just an excuse to carry a weapon in places where they’re normally not allowed. Years of being in dangerous situations has told him how to handle them, and more importantly when to step out. He’s not exceptionally talkative when not pumping people for information, lives in an apartment void of ornamentation and tends to dress in relatively plain clothing, more out of years of paranoia than fashion preference. His one bit of personal flair is his fedora, which he has had for eleven years. He loves reading books, watching films, whatever will distract him from the unpleasantness he occasionally encounters in his job. He normally prefers to work personal cases; finding lost items, spying on cheating spouses and the like, but lately more and more of his cases have forced him to get reacquainted with his old friends at the police department.

Peter O'toole

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